Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Having been starved of "real" Halloween for the last few years as apartment dwellers, our first Halloween in our new home was a lot of fun. It's an unwritten rule in our neighborhood that everyone MUST have some sort of light-up decoration in their yard, and display it for all of October, so we joined in with pumpkin lights and the luminarias pictured above.
It was nice to finally have real trick-or-treaters, even though the second ring of our doorbell brought our home's previous owner and her daughter. (Awkward!! Should I ask them if they would like to take the old toilet and vanity left from their bathroom remodel, or the shelf full of paint they left in the basement with them? Maybe not the best idea...)

Bailey was loving every minute, and would wait patiently by the door for the next round of kids in costume.

We even carved pumpkins. Here's J's:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!! :)

PS- if you'd like to see the world's cutest baby in a chicken costume, click here and scroll down :)


mGk said...

Thanks for the shout out J and J! I have the cutest photos of Maddy and Bailey from this weekend. I will post some soon, and I will be sure to get a couple copies printed too! Our babies are so cute! ~mg

j&j said...

Can't wait to see them! J was upset I didn't take any while you all were here! :)