Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I Adore

You missed these segments, didn't you.

(;) I'm sure no one even noticed they were missing.)

Today, I'm here to tell you about some serious fabulosity.
In fact, two pieces of fabulosity.

Here's the first:

(that would be the hubs)

and here is the second:
(not this exact one, but just go with it)

When you add these two things together, plus a determined wife and a ladder, you get SERIOUS TREE LIMB CARNAGE. Which made me the happiest person ever yesterday.

As a side note, if you are ever thinking about planting trees on your lot, and you already have 10-12 trees planted, even if they are small, and you think to yourself: "Man, I need some more shade! How nice would it be to have a few more trees out here?"


Thanks so someone(s) who thought that a good 5-40 years ago, I am in tree hell. I say "I" because the hubs doesn't mind them so much, but I would be happy if we took a massive chainsaw to all of them and had a 3-4 tree lot. But I digress...

THANK YOU BABE!!!!! You have a much happier wife who is impressed with your feats of masculinity and ability to wield a chainsaw.

Husband rating: A+ (I mean really, is that even a surprise?)
Chainsaw rating: A. It did it's work.
Tree rating: F. I hate those mo'fo's
Yard post-tree-trimming: Fantabulous.


mGk said...

I totally get your hatred for foliage. The new house has about ten gazillion trees most of which, we are told by neighbors, are volunteers (trees that rooted themselves and were never removed). Tree hell it is! Glad to hear J is busy in his off time this summer. Kev is equally as handy with the chainsaw as I am learning.