Friday, August 14, 2009

mind the gap (reader's digest version)

So at some point, I'll go back through and do a real post... probably a series of posts about our vacation, but for now, here are some of our favorite pictures. (We took close to 3,000 so consider yourselves lucky that I'm taking it easy today.) ;)

london bridge is falling down...
except this isn't london bridge. this is tower bridge. common mistake.

seeing Big Ben made me feel like I was really in london
except Big Ben is the bell inside, so I didn't really see Big Ben, but whatever.

such good weather!!

outside buckingham palace

that should seriously be a poster

the reason we went in the first place. look how smart he looks!


j and tha' minster.

we had lots and lots and lots of these. seriously. sometimes 6 a day...

at the Temple Bar

when in doublin, drink guinness!!

see? i wasn't kidding.


what can i say, paris spoiled me forever...

we were kind of obsessed with the guinness storehouse

the biggest beer i ever did see...

from the gravity bar while we drank our free (not really) pints

he's in heaven, people. ancient stuff and armor everywhere.

we couldn't not see oscar. what a stud.

a dublin sky

back in london


elementary, my dear j

look *really* closely. the swede who took our picture didn't zoom as well as he could have...


our tube stop

st. pauls

I want to go back RIGHT.NOW. It wasn't cheap, but it was so worth finally going on our *real* honeymoon. Love you dear, and so glad we did it! :)