Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, it's been a while, huh?

Yikes. I just looked at the old blog and realized that I haven't posted since August! Now that's just wrong. To my credit, I've been pulling one and three quarters duty at work the last three months, so that doesn't leave time for stuff like the blog... but I'm coming back soon, I swear. I really appreciate being able to look back at the stuff we had going on...
So. Here's what's been going on lately, in random order:

  • J set exam dates
  • we survived a month of major social activities every weekend. and we're looking forward to a Saturday to ourselves :)
  • I have three friends with babies due in the next couple of weeks. woah baby boom!
  • Dad turned 60! and we partied with him
  • G turned 25! and now I feel old...
  • I bought my first blow-up lawn ornament. Our neighborhood has finally rubbed off on me. More about this later.
  • We're welcoming fall. and I couldn't wait for fall weather to finally show up. I think it's really true that as you spend more time together, you and your spouse become more alike. I used to hate fall, J loves it, now I can't get enough of cool breezes, sweatshirts, and all things pumpkin. And, J is starting to like some country music. Next thing you know we'll be wearing matching sweaters on our Christmas card
  • I'm getting a new workspace at work. Which is actually really exciting! (how boring am I!)
  • I need to get back to cooking. Lately I've been slacking. The whole job and three quarters thing kind of saps your energy. Speaking of three quarters:

(just throwing that out there)
  • Despite the crazy-business, we've gotten to see a lot of friends. We need that more. It's good for the soul
  • Entourage on DVD is also good for the soul. Just saying.
  • Sometimes it takes really crap-ass cable service that cuts out a lot for you to appreciate things like Entourage on DVD. Also just saying.
  • My husband got me flowers a week ago. That made my week. It's still making me happy. I used to get flowers all the time (like almost weekly) when we were dating. And somehow the frequency change makes me appreciate them even more. It's all the little nothings that thrill me. Like random outbursts into Jon Bovi

  • That was actually a lot for being just bullets... maybe I'm on to something...