Monday, January 14, 2008

Anyone still there?

Okay, so we've taken a bit of a blog hiatus... it's been a BUSY past few weeks; I'm working about 50 hours/week on average and that doesn't leave a ton of time for anything else.

Here are some pictures of the other bedrooms in the house to make up for it :)

Here's bedroom number 2 (Before):

Now it's J's study:

(It may be a lot fuller now, but it's a study all to himself,
and what PhD student wouldn't love that?)

Bedroom number 3 (Before):
Now it's the guest room/where we have my desk:


mGk said...

Yes, you still have readers! I know the feeling... life gets crazy and who has the time to post. Know that there are still those of us who check in on your blog and always love seeing what is going on in the world of J&J (&B, too!)

Much love,