Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still pretty busy...

...but that's no big surprise. :)
Recent random goings on:

  • It's snowing!! :) Bailey isn't a big fan of snow, but the first exciting romp in each snowstorm is adorable (until he realizes that it's cold and wet, and runs as fast as he can back inside!)
  • We took down the wallpaper in the front bathroom a couple of weekends ago... and still haven't done anything else. (We're planing a minor aesthetic overhaul. No major work involved-- the vanity and fixtures are new.) That's on the list of upcoming plans... (apologies in advance to those coming over this weekend who get to see the lovely paperless walls...) I promise pictures when we get it done. :)
  • J started another semester at school and is lovin' every minute. This semester: Oscar Wilde, American Spiritual Writing, and Chaucer.
  • Last weekend we saw Katy's cheerleading competition (Yea Kate!!)and went to a benefit where we saw (among other bands) a folksy country band whose lead singer is a Willie Nelson look-alike. I swear, he was his twin. And, Sarah and I amused ourselves by taking bets on when the back-up guitarist would pass out. :) Good times.
And, because I thought it was interesting, an article I read today. :)


mGk said...

The article was fascinating! My mother, a brown eye, and her sisters, also brown eyes, have a running joke that they got the better end of the gene pool in their family by ending up with brown eyes. I forward it on to them and let me tell you they are having a field day with this new scientific backing that us "blue eyes" are genetic mutants. Keep up with the blogging! I love checking in on my favorite Jx2+B!


j&j said...

I know... I just thought it was cool that those of us who are the "mutants" all distantly related to the same person. :) J and I were debating about how a mutation like that, especially as a recessive trait, became so widespread.