Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hall Bathroom

As we approached last weekend, I wasn't sure if we'd have time (or energy, for that matter) to finish the bathroom project. But, at the last minute, the Martha Stewart in me came out, and I decided I was not hosting a party with an awful-looking bathroom. And any one who knows me knows that once I decide something is happening, there isn't really much that can stop me. :) Fortunately for J, I did not impose my craziness on him, and though he was a very dedicated wallpaper stripper, he provided the moral support while I finished off the project. Everything was done and up before anyone got here on Sunday.

Bathroom before:
The hall bathroom had recently been renovated (new vanity, fixtures, toilet, tile) in nice neutrals, but the butterfly/dragonfly wallpaper had to go.
Bathroom picture taken at our inspection

Sadly I didn't get any real "bathroom during" pictures... the walls were a little depressing after the wallpaper removal. Rather than a weekend of mudding, sanding, and vacuuming dust, we decided to go with a Venetian plaster technique.

Bathroom After
Still to do: top coat over the plaster to waterproof (there wasn't time for that before the Superbowl party :D), and as we come across them: something for the wall, rug, new non-Vegas-looking light fixture. (It may be a while before that last one happens!)

Overall, the bathroom was not in bad shape, but needed some aesthetic updates, and we wanted to keep this project cheap:
Materials for walls: $40
Mirror: $4o
Everything else we already had
Total cost: $80 (and what a difference!)

Here's a close-up of the texture:
(The above pictures are a bit more true to color except it doesn't have that pinkish tint... and this picture is darker than the walls appear in the room. Click for greater detail)


mGk said...

The bathroom looks great! I can't wait to see it in person. I am up for another get together any time!