Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy (belated) St. Pats!

Though I had to work on St. Patrick's Day, which meant missing the parade (what's up with that by the way? I agree with Guinness, who is petitioning to make St. Pat's an official holiday. But I digress...), we did get to celebrate a bit over the weekend, complete with a trip to Seamus' and another to LLywelyn's. (Which I spelled correctly on the first try!) Both were complete with very drunk parade-goers. Woohoo! On Saturday, we also got to see Nic and Nicole, which was a lot of fun.

J is on spring break this week, but is still working hard on school work/papers/our infinite to-do list around the house, and I have Friday off!! (Good Friday is a recognized holiday by the NYSE! Woo-Hoo!) Hope all of our Irish relatives had a great St. Patty's too! :)