Saturday, March 29, 2008

Things I adore...

One of my favorite things to do at the end of a long day or on a weekend morning is relax on the couch. I often prefer to take this time to catch up on my email with my laptop or read the paper. Add to this that I am often freezing (thanks to my husband, with whom I engage in thermostat wars...), and you have a complicated situation.

It's so nice to be all warm and toasty, tucked in with a warm blanket, but if I want to use my laptop too, I have to sacrifice a limb or two to the cold. Logistically, it's near impossible to find a way to stay totally covered and use the laptop at the same time. I've tried multiple blankets, tucking the laptop in with me under the covers, and even using a blanket-covered hand to type and click. All of which result in funny looks from J, and my frustration.


The SlanketThe best little (big) blanket known to mankind. It's a large fleece blanket, plenty to cover you head to toe with tons to spare. And the best part: it has sleeves sewn in. :)

It's certainly a function over form kind of item; it's not the kind of blanket that's meant to display on the arm of your couch. However, it is warm and toasty and comes in a variety of colors. I was lucky enough to get this amazing invention from my in-laws for Christmas (with a little help from J), and though I had to settle for my 5th color choice (brown), I don't even care because this thing is the perfect solution to my arm-freezing problem.

Function: A+
Form: B-
Price: B- (worth it, but you could make one yourself for cheaper...)
Customer Service: D+ (we tried to exchange for another color after Christmas and they were not so great to work with... I ended up keeping the original one I got because it was not worth the hassle.)


mGk said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I have to pass this along to my sister in law, who during the winter at my parents house finds the closest seat next to the fire place and wraps herself in as many blankets as she can find. We call it her human cocoon! She just needs a slanket!!!