Thursday, April 10, 2008

You say it's your birthday... it's my birthday too, yeah!

Happy happy birthday (within the last week) to J's dad, K, and M! We got to celebrate with the first two (kind of) last weekend, and will celebrate with my not-so-little-anymore sis this weekend. (M is 20 and K is 18!!! Who can believe it??!?!?!!)

Also, my birthday falls in the middle of the amazing family birthday week, so I got to celebrate with them! I had a great birthday weekend, sandwiched in between very very busy weeks at work, but the weekend was a relaxing break with WONDERFUL weather! And, I am sad to report that I'm officially in my late 20s now. Wow. My amazing husband made it a lot more fun with a cake, flowers, and gifts, including a new treadmill. :) Thanks to everyone for the gifts, cards, emails, and facebook messages! :)