Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I adore...

Okay, Mo, I'm giving you a shout out right back ... :)

I've become an avid blog reader. Something about reading about others lives is really interesting to me. And, after some of the worlds longest days at work talking and answering questions, all I want to do is relax and NOT talk. :) A good sit on the couch, watching the news, and reading my blogs is sometimes exactly what I need.

My addiction began by clicking the little "Next Blog >>" link at the top of the page. (See, it's up there... try it out sometime) What I found is another story for another day, but needless to say, the web of links from one blog to another has left me with a nice little "blogroll" that I check each week. When I would finally find the time to sit down and check them all, I would click on each link, wait for the page to load, and see if there was an update. Sometimes that took forever because people have these massive templates or a million slideshows, etc. and wait for 5 minutes while it loaded, only to find no new post.

I was talking about this with my friend Maureen, who introduced me to this lovely tool:

Google Reader

Anyone with a G*mail account/G*ogle ID/whatever they call it can create one-- if you look at the top of your G*mail page, you'll see a normal blue link to it. All you have to do is go in, load your links, and with one little click each day, it pulls the RSS feeds for you and you can view the updates in the viewing pane on the right. How freakin cool is that? It makes my blog reading much more enjoyable and keeps my old as heck computer from freezing up. LOVE IT.

The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is that for some of the blogs I follow, it only pulls up a piece of the text, and there's no way (that I can figure out) to see it all without having to open the blog in a new window... If anyone has that figured out, let me know. :) Still, very very worthwhile.

Function: A- (when I learn how to see the whole post, it gets an A+)
Form: whatever... it's simple like all Google stuff, and I like that. Too many of these things are way too flashy... A
Price: uh, it's free, which totally gives it an A+


mGk said...

You are so very welcome! I am glad you love reader as much as I do! It is a truly awesome tool. No more wasting time clicking on link after link and being disappointed when there isn't a posting! It is instant gratification!

You are a friend that I adore!



j&j said...

ditto. :)