Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lookie what I did! :)

(Three posts in one day, and I'm up past 8:00. What is up with this craziness?? :D)

So, I like myself a good bit of crafty goodness. I bake every chance I get. I own two glue guns, and there's a reason why. Thus, it's probably no surprise that I do stuff like this:

That's right. It's a cake. Made entirely of diapers. No- let me stop you right there- they're not for me. :) It's a cake made entirely of diapers that the expectant mother (a friend at work) we're showering registered for. And no, you don't eat it. (Done in pink and chocolate brown-- the colors of the baby girl's new nursery)
Each diaper is rolled up and stacked together to form the cake. This entire thing is held together with rubber bands, string and wooden dowels. So all of the diapers from the cake are totally usable, not ruined by glue or pins.
Not the most amazing crafty thing ever done, but after you spend a good two hours rolling diapers, you want to show off your handiwork. (But not your hands. My hands hurt after all the diapers and rubber bands.)

I do have to point out that this wasn't my first rodeo. Here is the first diaper cake I made, over a year ago (I think) for my cousin's shower that we hosted:
I think that one might be a little better-formed, but I like the cleanliness of the most recent one. I still think it needs something more... maybe a couple more flowers on the other layers?? Lots of these cakes that you buy come with all kinds of junk hanging off the sides, but that's a bit much for me... but maybe little socks or mittens? Hmmm...
Anyway, if you're ever in need of a cake made of diapers, you know who to call. ;)


mGk said...

These cakes are so adorable! My question, where did you get diapers that were plain white? All the ones Madeline wears have all sorts of stupid Disney characters on them... Pooh, Mickey Mouse etc.

Those cakes are awesome! You are so talented! Not that it was ever in doubt!


j&j said...

Thanks! The diapers she registered for are Swaddlers (?) I think... they have Elmo and Big Bird and stuff on them... when you roll them, you roll that part on the inside so you can't see it. (if you look closely in the pics, you can probably see some yellow in the spiral of the diapers from the pictures on the front...)