Sunday, June 22, 2008

in the last 9 days I...

  • ate 2 nutella crepes
  • spent 9 hours waiting for a plane in Cleveland
  • saw Paris from at least 4 tall monuments
  • ...and hiked up over 2000 stairs (probably more than that) to do so
  • bought more gifts for J than things for myself
  • met my annual quota for museum visits (for the next 3 years)
  • saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle, once in the park, many times from our apartment window
  • ran all over the city of Paris
  • typed on a French keyboard (had a hard time finding the ' and ?)
  • got offered and accepted a new job
  • learned to navigate the Metro like a pro
  • got to actually use my French. With people who actually speak French. For real.
  • had an amazing vacation with my mom and sister!
THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!! :)


mGk said...

I am so jealous!!!! In the last nine days I have:

-changed 54 (probably more than that) diapers.
-washed my kitchen floor at least four times
-spent hours in bed with a sore throat

Your life is much more glamorous! And what is this about a new job? Give me details!

Lunch soon...