Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've seen this on a few blogs, and it's a great way to sum up a year.
So here we go:


christmas clean-up.
bailey turns 3!
stress at work.

superbowl with friends.

wallpaper fiasco; bathroom redecorated
v-day at home, 3 years since we got engaged!
more work stress.

first beautiful spring day of the year!

and another snow just a couple of days later!
and for good measure, work stress.


I turn officially old.
my amazing husband makes it better with a table runner that is pure happiness and chocolate cake. he's so good. :)
oh yeah, and work stress.


K graduates!

promotion at work. getting paid more makes work a little bit better, but doesn't solve everything. decide to take a chance...

J is done with the semester after lots of hard work done. 1 yr down (or 21 years, depending on how you look at it), 3-4 (or a million, again, depending on how you look at it) to go.

take first vacation day of the year. totally needed. head to NOLA

rock out and celebrate E and J's wedding

on the same day as the wedding, celebrate 5 years together.

married for 2 years. :) still love each other. :)

thank all that is holy, and a very very generous set of parents, that I get to go to PARIS!!
J stays home, but enjoys a baseball game and nachos with the boys.

ups, downs, lots of steps, crepes, art, laughs, shopping, memories in Paris
damn, I miss this.

while in Paris, get offered new job (at home, not in Paris). make decision via lots of emails and motherly advice. excellent choice.
start new job, thank lucky stars for June.

add a new member to our family.
Bailey considers running away from home.

even though she's trouble, she's freakin adorable
we still love you too, bud.
J goes back to school.
thrilled with new job.


generous parents take us to Mizzou for some fun

get soaked, but have a great time. see new J school.
visit the site of our first CoMo "date," first time J has been back since it burned down and was rebuilt. ahhh memories.

lake shopping trip.
travel for work.
J has a birthday.

he reminds us how old he is (and shows of a new gift). not 30!
btw, I'm an awesome wife. just look at that face. :)
go to Chicago for conference, see sibs, spend Halloween in Chi-town.


yes we can!
travel to Chicago again, this time with ines.
and they even have breakfast. and we know this b/c we went twice. in less than 24 hours.
turkey day in Cleveland. Grandpa turns 90!
Rosie eats a starfish.


dogs love each other. fight like siblings, but snuggle too. relieved that we didn't ruin Bailey's life.
bake ~11 batches of cookies in the month of December. most on one Saturday alone. forget to take picture of massive baking mess.
get Rosie to wear a bow. lasts less than a minute.

see family and friends, home and across the country. feel lots of love.

market, layoffs, gas prices. it's all scary, even more so at the end of the year.
feel blessed to have each other, and a pretty great life.
here's to a great 2008, and an even better 2009.


Michelle said...

Aww that was too cute. I especially love November: Rosie eats a starfish. Can't say that happens often (or at least hopefully not). See you soon love you guys!