Thursday, July 10, 2008


and I'm not talking about David Bowie.

J has had some time off recently with a break between the end of his spring semester and the start of his summer session. If I were him and had a break from the massive amounts of reading and writing, I would spend my time: baking, shopping, napping, catching up on daytime tv, decorating, scrapbooking, practicing photography, having lunch with friends, playing with Bailey... pretty much anything other than what he's been up to:
Reading and writing.
The man gets a break from the usual, and guess what he does: he keeps on working. Figures, doesn't it? :) At least we know he's found something that he loves. He's managed to keep himself very busy with two reading groups (but they drink beer at a pub while discussing literature, so that's not really work, right?) and dissertation reading. This week he started an intensive language class, so he's buried in the books even more. I miss my husband who had time to hang out rather than study, but so it goes.

I guess that's not so much "changing" is it? Okay, well by "ch-ch-ch-changes" I guess I was more talking about me...

I started my new job last week. While there are so many wonderful things about my new job, and I was REALLY ready to start something new, I'm having some mixed emotions... Pros: more flexible time, less (or NO) 50-55 hour weeks, no tracking, smaller team, working with a new level of trainees, new material, getting away from drama and politics, better work-life balance. Cons: learning curve, different drama but still drama (not me, but around me), missing my friends in my old department, time not as flexible as I thought it would be, but not bad, traveling.
I think when I've got a couple of months under my belt, I'll be loving it, but at the moment, it's kind of like riding a roller-coaster. Overall, a good choice, but I think in the excitement, I forgot to remind myself that with change (yeah!) comes... well, comes change (hmmm) and change isn't always easy.

Bailey's got some change coming too, but that's a whole other post...