Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things I Adore...

This thing I adore is not so much the thing itself, but the idea of the thing...

Being a busy working professional (not that I really think of myself as that, but I guess I am...) I go to a lot of meetings. And my specific job keeps me busy and away from a computer a decent amount of the time. Also, my workplace has banned pretty much any internet site that has anything to do with personal email, fun, or finding joy in life.

Because of these reasons, and many more, I bit the bullet and decided I needed this:

Now, I chose this specific phone (Motor*la Q9c), but I'm not all about this specific phone. I'm all about the idea of the phone.

I'll give you that it's totally not necessary, and not the most practical use of my disposable income, but here's what I love about it:
  • I can check my work email any time I want (this one is a recipe for becoming a work-a-holic, but so far I'm good at not looking too much during "home time")
  • I can check and respond to my personal email from work
  • If I choose to leave work early or come in late (thank goodness for flexible hours!), I can see if anyone needs me for anything, and answer their email fast, even if I am in the middle of Target
  • I can check email from meetings when I get bored
  • I have internet. EVERYWHERE. :)
  • I can google to see who's right when J and I have a heated discussion (friendly of course) about whether the guy in "P.S. I L*ve You" is the same guy from Gre*y's Anatomy
  • I can check sports scores for my husband when he's been gracious enough to leave the house to do something other than watch sports
  • If I get lost, I can always find directions
  • I can check the radar to see whether I'm driving into a tornado (a fear of mine)
  • It beats the heck out of my crap-tastic laptop
Let me explain that last one...

My laptop is crap. It's slow, it crashes, I hate it. (We have two computers, and J's is brand new, but he's always using it for school, and it's a PC, so I don't really use it often.) It's so bad that I've taken to using my phone to check my email and search the internet rather than getting on my laptop. In fact, when I was stuck in the bed with the stomach flu on Monday, I didn't want to bother dealing with my laptop, so I just checked everything from my phone. :) Without this phone, my husband would have to share his beloved computer. (Don't get me wrong- he's very willing to share and isn't stopping me, but that would displace his studying, and let's face it folks: I'm a fan of good grades and getting done with that PhD!)

Which brings me to my very favorite thing about it:
Google Reader ON my PHONE!

That's right folks, two things I adore in one. Woohoo!

Form: Well, I'm not rating my phone itself (which is fine, but not amazing), so A+ for mobile internet technology
Function: Yup. works just fine. Except that there are a lot of websites that aren't formatted for mobile, so there's some room for improvement. B+