Thursday, July 10, 2008

a new addition

So J and I have been talking about taking the next step for years now.

First it was just the two of us. We knew from the start that we would spend our lives together. I remember J leaving from coming to visit me at school for the second time, and telling my roommates that I was pretty sure I could marry this guy.

Years of commuting later, we made it happen so that we were in the same city, and made it official by getting engaged.

We felt like there was something missing, and decided to add to our family.

Our little family of three has been very fulfilling-- Bailey brings joy to our days, and warms my heart. I can't imagine life without him-- I sometimes call him my "little heart" (I know that's totally cheesy, but I mean it) because he's been like a child to me.

See, look at him:

extreme close-up... WOAH!

okay, really really bad pic of me, but how cute is it that he likes to sit like this?

and he even lets me dress him up for our Christmas cards and cover him in lights.
What a good little dog!

Bailey has been everything we've hoped for and more, but we knew there would come a time when we would feel ready for the next step, so I'm proud to announce that we are...




Getting another dog!! :)
(what? You didn't think we were-- NO!)

Bailey is always anxious to play, and J and I can only stand chasing him around the house so many hundred times per day. Every time we are around another dog, Bailey gets so excited and doesn't want to stop playing. We felt like this was the best time to add another puppy to our home, and SHE is coming home in late July. I keep going back and forth between excitement and worry... We are really doing this for Bailey-- so we want this new puppy to be his playmate and friend; not something that makes his life more miserable. We are working with the same bre*der that we got Bailey from, and have told her all about Bailey's personality, looking for a good match. I'm sure it will all be fine, but I'll feel better when they're happily playing and not trying to take each other out. :)