Wednesday, August 13, 2008

puppy update

A quick dog update:

Both dogs are doing better. Still not best buddies, but they play with each other now, and Bailey will intentionally jump down from the couch (his "safe place" since she can't jump up) to go play with her.

We saw Bentley (my brother and his girlfriend's dog and Rosie's brother from the same litter) last week, and he's getting so big! When we picked them up, you couldn't tell them apart-- they looked like twins. Now with Rosie's haircut and Bentley's growth spurt, they look so different!

According to the vet's office, Rosie is now just under a hefty 3 pounds! She still eats like crazy, but runs around so much, we're not surprised she's burning a lot of it off. :) We asked the vet about her weight, and she said it's a healthy gain, but she's so little, I do worry that she's eating enough.

Didn't get a chance to get a picture of both babies together, but here's Rosie, lounging with me on the couch:

At the request of my mother in law, here's Rosie with the remote control to show "scale." (We brought Bailey and Rosie over to their house on Sunday, and they were surprised how little she was!)
We have a big remote, btw.

I'll try to get pictures of them together soon.