Sunday, August 24, 2008

gettin' sh*t done!

J and I took the time to make a to-do list a couple of weeks ago because there was too much to do, and it wasn't getting done. The last couple of weekends have been dedicated to crossing things off that list, and it feels GOOD! Here's some of what we've done:

  • weed the front garden
  • remove caulk in back shower; re-caulk both bathrooms
  • severely trim the rosebushes and tree out front
  • clean out the closets in the whole house
  • pull together our large donations pile
  • haircuts and baths for both pups
  • cleaning/organizing/getting rid of junk in the guest room (mostly my stuff that's been with us through too many moves)-- that room looks SO much better!!
  • preparing for J's first week of school/the class I'm teaching this week
  • organizing our mail system
  • taking care of our paper problem in this house (lots of shredding, filing, and recycling going on around here)
There's a lot more to go, but it feels SO good to be so productive. Our goal is to get at least one item checked off our ongoing to-do list each night after work/school, and at least one major item done each weekend. We've got plenty to keep us busy for a while... we'll see how we do with that goal :)