Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day

Happy Labor Day (aka extra day off work) to all!

We had a great weekend! And even though there wasn't supposed to be much "labor," we worked hard to entertain, but had a great time doing it!

Friday night we went out with Mom, Dad, my sis and her boyfriend to a great pizza place because she was in from school. Saturday we cleaned and ran errands, and had some good friends (some of my sorority sisters and their husbands) over to watch the Mizzou game! We had a great time cheering the Tigers on to a victory! (Take that, Illinois!!) Sunday was a chill day for us; we went and did some shopping for J, and watched a few movies. It was great to have a break to relax. Today, we saw my fam again and had them over for a BBQ and puppy fest. :) Bailey loved seeing Riley, and Rosie loved all the attention.

Sadly, I forgot to bust out my camera at any of the events, so there are no pictures, but we do have a clean house and lots of leftovers to show for it. :)

Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day!!