Sunday, September 7, 2008

wild and crazy saturday

In an effort to be more adventurous, J and I have started trying to go out at least once a weekend to a new restaurant that is local and somewhere fun in our city. Last night, we tried a local "gastropub" in... well... on a block that is going through some revitalization.

I didn't think to break out my camera while we were there, but here are some pics, pilfered from the internet:

The interior of the joint, and what you can't see are the big screens.

What I had for dinner, though mine looked a little more appetizing (less greasy) than this...

The menu is pretty simple, with only a few choices, but good. Not a "WOW" in our book, but the rockin' beer selection and fact that they had the Mizzou game (on pay-per-view) on were good enough for us! :)

Our plans only included dinner, but on the way, we took a slight detour to drive past the the EMHE house happening near us. Because the streets were packed, and there was no close parking, we gave up, but I'm looking for an update from you, Mo! :)

On the way back, we happened to pass a local brewery where there was an event going on. After dinner, we figured why not check it out! Surprizingly, it was a free event. We grabbed a couple of beers and perused the creations showcased in the parking lot. (Please note, yet again, craptastic cell phone camera...)

The event may be free, but the beer sure isn't!

J, enjoying his first sip of Oktoberfest

Artwork in my favorite tent

The artist worked in mixed medium, and had these funny little pieces. This one cracked me up.
It says: "Aunt Marla from Milwaukee always sent the best gifts."

After we finished our beers and saw what there was to see (including some amazing, but spendy, handmade jewelery), we decided to go inside and check out the Schl*fly Shop for fun.

We didn't plan on buying anything, but when J saw this t-shirt, he had to have it.
the front...
...and the back, complete with an "unofficial" cardinal, letting you know where Schl*fly products are sold
at Busch Stadium! :)

Since it's the end of the season, we also couldn't leave without a six pack of my favorite beer, the Raspberry Hefewiezen. MMMMMMM!
It's a summer brew, and reminds me of our wedding because it was on-tap when we had our awesome rehearsal dinner at the Tap Room (Schl*fly's other location downtown).

We hope to do things like this more often. What a great Saturday night!


mGk said...

You should have called me and parked in our driveway!!!! I hope to post more photos from the EMHE craziness today...