Monday, September 1, 2008

happy houseaversary.

The original point of this blog was to share house pictures, which sadly I've gotten away from. I was looking back at old posts, and realized that there's so much more that we've done to the house since the last pictures that I really should do an update post... and I never posted the kitchen. I'll get to it I swear...

Now it's more about keeping track of what's going on with our lives. That's why I write it.

Anyway, we closed on our house a year ago last Saturday, and it's been a good year. No major problems (knock on wood!!!), we're happy and comfy and cozy and have room to spare. We love this little house, and we're very happy with our first home buying experience.

Happy houseaversary, little home. We love you and we hope you continue to love us in the years to come. :)