Monday, September 1, 2008


So I know why I write this blog. But I know why the three of you read this blog. And they're not the same reason.

It's not for the house pictures (or lack thereof). It's not because our lives are fascinating enough to keep you coming back for more.

It's the puppies. Admit it. They're the real draw.

So for all of you drooling for more puppy pictures, I now present Bailey and Rosie, A Sunday Evening. (Please note I did not mean to favor a certain dog, but one of them kept making a "for real, mom? Knock it off with the camera already and get my sister away from me" face...)

Under the Table and Chewing

I'll get you!

Don't forget me!! I'm cute too!!

That's right. You WILL rub my tummy. You can't resist my fat-tummied puppy charm!

I'm so damn adorable. Check out my ponytail.

A rare moment of kissing (not biting!) her brother. Bailey still doesn't love it.

(We have to hold them to get them to be this close together.)

So there you go. Your weekly dose of cuteness. Happy now? ;)


mGk said...

Yes. Very happy. And I love the new look! Very classy! (I hope it is new, b/c I use reader and very rarely log into the blog itself...)

I love your blog! I do I do!

j&j said...

Glad I could appease. :)
And thanks-- I decided I needed an overhaul, but I did cheat and use a template. :)