Wednesday, August 13, 2008

why the horded posts?

Because my laptop sucks, that's why.
I keep thinking about the things I want to blog, but just to get rolling on these posts, it took FORTY-FIVE MINUTES (!!!) to get my laptop up and running and blogger open. I'm tempting fate right now, because I've been at it for an hour and a half (since I turned on the computer) and my computer hasn't frozen yet. (QUICK! knock on wood fast!!)

I could use J's desktop, but he's getting ready for fall classes and has syllabi to write, so I don't want to interrupt that flow.

So, for now you'll have to deal with all the posts that I've thought of for the last week and a half showing up all at once... and lots of time in-between. Google could also help my problem if they'd let me be logged in to my normal account AND my blogger account at the same time. It makes me crazy that I have to sign out and back in (because that usually takes me 15 minutes plus two computer freezes and restarts) in order to post or comment on other blogs. Bleh.

I would really like one of these pretty things:

but unless I win the lottery, it's not happening any time soon. And, it also doesn't help that also on my wish list are:

(not necessarily that exact one, but I need a sewing machine)


Not. gonna. happen.

a girl can dream though, right??